Guidance for educators

Our flexible content is designed to enable you to support students to equip themselves to be road aware. Resources support different learning styles, feature distancing techniques including role play and encourage peer to peer expression.

Remember, road safety can be a sensitive issue, before delivering any of this content, please check whether any children have been affected by a serious road incident as a witness or a victim (either themselves or someone close to them).

Classroom delivery is beneficial but will be augmented by practical experiences. Our resources encourage roadside experiences and training, both role play and in real life.

You can also invite local authority road safety officers to come in and support delivery.

Parental engagement on this topic is crucial. A combined approach between school and home will lead to greater road awareness amongst your students. Why not enable students to share their learning with parents at a road safety assembly or by setting flipped learning tasks? Place information on your website and in your newsletter and work together towards being a road aware community.