Wrong Side of the Road

What happens after you make the decision to drink and drive?

What questions would you ask a drink driver? Start your journey at Wrong Side of the Road.

“I take full responsibility for getting behind the wheel…but I do wish someone could have been firmer with me…that would have been preferable to what I’ve had to go through.”

David, Wrong Side of the Road participant

Drivers make the decision, but mates also have the power to help keep them safe. We’ve teamed up with Diageo to share interactive stories from real people who made the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking. By asking raw, honest questions you can hear first-hand about the emotional and physical impact that drink driving can have on drivers and the people around them.

Whether you’re blocking a mate’s pint, or stopping them drink driving with a wild story about adventures still to come, you’re being the best mate you can be. Keep it up, stay firm, you’re helping to keep them and everybody else safe.