I would like to order some road safety merchandise or promotional materials

Promotional materials

We closed the THINK! shop on 31 July 2019 and no longer offer hard copy education resources or campaign materials. It’s important to us to remain relevant and provide educational resources that have the potential to make the greatest difference to road safety. As more and more people move to digital platforms, we have taken the decision to do so as well.

We have invested in a suite of new, online learning resources that are free and easy to download from this site. We have consulted with road safety practitioners, teachers, parents, academics and the general public in the development of these resources to ensure their effectiveness. Visit the road safety campaigns or education resources pages of our website to see what’s available.


We do not produce any road safety merchandise. This includes reflectors, high-viz jackets and pens or pencils.

With a finite budget, we look for the most effective and efficient ways to make our roads safer. There is a significant cost to producing, storing and distributing merchandise and it is difficult to evaluate the impact that this has on improving road safety.