Cabbie night out

Cabbie night out

We teamed up with part-time relationship counsellor and Uber driver Dr. Ofore, and LADbible to create this film.

Mates matter

Our campaign is calling on friends to do what they do best – look out for each other.

We’re specifically calling for mates to intervene and stop their mates when they are tempted to drink driving.

Young men are heavily over-represented in drink drive related accidents. In 2016, 280 young men aged 16-24 were killed or seriously injured due to drink driving in Great Britain.

Designated Driver

The March 2017 THINK! campaign was created to inform all drivers about the tougher handheld mobile phone legislation that came into effect on March 1st 2017.

To highlight the risk of using your handheld phone while driving, we have collaborated with the AA Charity Trust to create a film that shows texting and driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving.


More reason to be paranoid

Our THINK! Drug Drive advert warns people who drive under the influence of drugs that they’re now more likely to be caught and convicted.