Lesson 1: Speak up

This pack contains everything you need for lesson plan 1.

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Resource details:

Key stage
13 to 16
Resource type
Lesson plan, Slides
Resource format
Activity Pack, PDF, Powerpoint
Teaching length
11-20 minutes, 21-30 minutes
Type of activity
Group work, Individual, Practical


In this lesson students will learn the importance of speaking up in potentially dangerous situations.

Students will have informal scripts to help them develop confidence, so that they know what to say to challenge people’s attitudes and behaviours.

This is lesson plan 1.

Learning Objectives

  1. I know my responsibilities as a pedestrian, a passenger and a future driver and can manage difficult situations with my peers
  2. I know about issues affecting young drivers – such as peer pressure, speeding, seat belts, inexperience and over confidence
  3. I have the communication skills that allow me to speak up in potentially dangerous and difficult road safety scenarios to influence a safer outcome

This pack contains everything you need for lesson plan 1, Speak up. Please note that interactive slides are not currently available.

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