Lesson 4: Campaign HQ

This pack contains everything you need for lesson plan 4.

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Resource details:

Key stage
13 to 16
Resource type
Lesson plan
Resource format
PDF, Powerpoint
Teaching length
0-10 minutes, 21-30 minutes
Type of activity
Group work, Individual, Practical


Students will be encouraged to think about how the consequences of an accident might affect them, a friend or a family member in their day-to-day lives.

Students will consider the most effective strategies to persuade people to change their behaviour and become more responsible on and around the road whether they are a driver, cyclist, pedestrian or passenger.

This is lesson plan 4.

Learning Objectives

1. I know about issues affecting young drivers such as peer pressure, speeding, seat belts and inexperience.

2. I know my responsibilities as a pedestrian, a passenger and a future driver.

This pack contains everything you need for lesson plan 4, Campaign HQ.

  • Campaign HQ Lesson plan
  • Campaign HQ slides
  • THINK! Map

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