Tales of the Road

Tales of the Road is back! New interactive resource now available

With many people having enjoyed more walking and cycling during lockdown, and families being asked to consider whether they can walk or cycle as pupils begin returning to school, now is a great time to bring road safety to life for children. Introducing the newly updated Tales of the Road education resource.

The resource contains new and updated tips and is now interactive to help young road users navigate the workbook quickly and easily! It can be accessed and completed online, or can be downloaded, allowing progress to be saved and continued another day – perfect for children to come back to whether they are learning remotely during the summer holidays or in the classroom when school resumes in September.

Features of the updated Tales of the Road resource include:

  • Interactive question and answer sections, with name personalisation
  • New, updated images
  • Green Cross code reminders
  • REMEMBER! Key safety tips
  • Glossary with additional words and definitions

To access or download the resource, click on the icon below. You may want to look at our other free education resources available such as:

History of Tales of the Road

This new interactive resource marks an exciting new step in the history of Tales of the Road, which first launched almost ten years ago. During that time, we’ve provided teachers and road safety educators with resources ranging from short videos that gave children tips on how to cross the road safely, to interactive games that children can use to build their road safety skills.

As more of our audience move to digital channels, our relaunched Tales of the Road gives schools and parents an easy way to access the resource online and to engage children through interactive learning.

COVID-19 Safer Travel Guidance for passengers

It’s important that we all ensure that we take steps to stay safe whilst out and about. Click here to see Government guidance on walking, cycling and travelling in vehicles or on public transport during the coronavirus outbreak.

In this lesson pupils will explore how to create their own Road Safety Campaigns targeted at their peers.

Learning objectives

  • I know the Green Cross Code, and safer crossing places on the road.
  • I know The Highway Code, rules of the road and road signs.
  • I know the risks and the effects of risky behaviour and can develop strategies to cope with dangerous situations caused by others.

This pack contains everything you need for lesson plan 5, Campaign Spotlight

  • Campaign spotlight lesson plan
  • Campaign spotlight planning sheet
  • THINK! Map

Drop down day pack (7 to 12)

The suggested drop down day timetable has been designed for you to pick and choose a range of road safety activities to run over the course of a day. A drop down day allows for an enhanced focus on topics related to road and personal safety. All lesson content is hyperlinked for quick and easy access.


Students will understand  the benefits of sustainable travel, alongside the ways of how to do so safely. Many students will have thought about how they can improve their travel, to make it more sustainable to benefitt them, their families and their local communities.

Students will also work on school campaigns to encourage others to make more sustainable choices about travelling to and from school.

This is lesson plan 6.

Learning Objectives

1. I know how to travel safely independently and understand the benefits of sustainable travel.

This pack contains everything you need for lesson plan 6, Small changes.