Travel Like You Know Them

On the 29 January 2022, The Highway Code changed to improve road safety for people walking, cycling or horse riding.

The changes were communicated in two phases.  A factual awareness raising campaign ran in February-March 2022, followed by a broader behaviour change campaign, ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ in July-August 2022.   To continue embedding the changes and encouraging uptake of the guidance, ‘Travel Like You Know Them’ is re-launching in August 2023.

The campaign speaks to everyone who uses the road, with a focus on those who have a greater responsibility to reduce the risk that they may pose to others.

By offering a snapshot into the lives of everyday road users, we want to help people see more than vehicles on the road. The campaign aims to help all road users better understand each other and encourage positive behaviours to help keep everyone safe.

Our campaign assets continue to raise awareness of key changes to the Highway Code guidance including giving way to pedestrians waiting to cross at junctions, cycling in the centre of the lane, passing distances and the Dutch reach.

The campaign will run across video-on-demand, radio, digital audio, online video, social and out-of-home for six weeks from August 2023.  We encourage partners to make use of the ‘Travel like you know them’ assets (linked below).

All assets signpost to GOV.UK The Highway Code, where there is more information on the changes.

Our assets are available to view and download for educational, non-paid purposes below. A customisable stakeholder template is also available here. If you would like to use any of our assets for paid or commercial opportunities, this may involve additional usage costs – please fill out a usage request form to help us determine this.

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