Lesson 2: Be bright, be seen

This pack contains everything you need for lesson plan 2.

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Resource details:

Key stage
3 to 6
Resource type
Lesson plan
Resource format
Teaching length
Over 30 minutes
Type of activity
Whole class


In this lesson, your pupils will extend their road safety skills to think about how they can travel safely in the dark and when it’s hard to see. A range of activities will encourage better knowledge of the importance of reflective and high vis features of clothing/bikes and scooters. This is lesson plan 2.

For this lesson, you will need:

Lesson objectives:

  1. I know how to help others see me in the dark.
  2. I know how to ride a bike/scooter and cycle/scoot safely.
  3. Understanding why it is important to be bright and be seen.

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