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THINK! is launching a new seat belts campaign to encourage young men to wear their seat belts, whatever the journey, whether they’re a driver or a passenger.

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Is Pushing It Worth It?

THINK! has relaunched their campaign to raise awareness of the impact that even slight speeding on rural roads can have.

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Mates for Life

THINK! is relaunching the Mates for Life campaign to empower friends to intervene if the moment arises with the message ‘A mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’.

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Travel Like You Know Them

THINK! are re-launching their Highway Code campaign, reminding people that whoever you meet on the roads, you should ‘Travel Like You Know Them’.

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Cycle Safety

Helpful tips and advice for cyclists and drivers.

Cycle Safety

Education resources

Explore our road safety teaching resources for children.

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Vehicle Safety Checks

If you are using your vehicle for the first time in several weeks, following Government advice, it will need a thorough check to ensure it is roadworthy and safe.

Vehicle Safety Checks

Story of THINK!

A timeline of the history of THINK! road safety campaigns.

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